• For managers with a passion for your business and the desire to take your business to the next level.
  • Your passion for your business and your leadership will give you the edge to bring your staff along on your journey of business process improvement, establishing controls around your business process management.
  • Your current Organisational Maturity will indicate the best approach to improving your business management processes and customer service delivery.

We offer a customised approach incorporating one or more of the following methodologies:

– Business Management Systems

– Business Process Improvement

– Customer Experience Management

Light-hearted 2 min video on “Waste” by The Whys Guy, courtesy of The Quality Digest

  • Quality Management Systems

    Business Management Systems

    Establishing process oriented management system documentation, in a structured and pragmatic manner, is key to ensuring consistency of your product/service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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  • Business Process Improvement

    Business Process Improvement

    Implement a business process improvement project, utilising recognised and proven methodologies, to improve the efficiency of your resources, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience Workshops

    Review customer expectations and your organisation?s capacity to meet customer service requirements, putting you ahead of your competition and improving customer satisfaction.

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The new revision of the Environmental Standard, ISO 14001, moves closer to release.

It has greater focus on strategic leadership and proactive risk management.
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ISO 14001 revision moves to final stage www.iso.org/iso/news.htm?refid=Ref1985

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Start and end each day, and each week, with a smile! :)
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